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July 2015

September to June

"Things I miss about @KineticPB - sun, warmth, training buddies, training, scenery, people, nice road, respect from drivers and clean air! Tim Condon


"had a top 2 weeks with some quality training and banter, cheers"

Paul Hawkins


"Today’s route was an absolute stunner"

Mark Pearce


"Great few days @KineticPB 380k on the bike in 3.5 days. Can't wait to come back in April, top facilities, top people "

Lee Lozzer


"beautiful Spanish weather + terrain@KineticPB deffo coming back "



"The training on offer at is superb with great swimming, spectacular trail running and cycling on quiet costal roads or mountain passes"

Paul Savage


"Camp location is perfect, rolling hills, great trails, quiet roads for riding, 1k long lake"

Mark Buckingham


"Kinetic PB is a superb location for triathletes……lots of great run routes surrounding the area including some brutal trail running with outstanding views. The cycling is also pretty amazing with long 20 kilometre climbs and flat terrain both easily accessible and well within easy riding distance from the lodge"


"The variety here is just amazing, on the door step are both solid climbs and flat time trial routes, and if you want some quality climbs in the hills, and breathtaking descents all well within range"